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Success Story: Steve & Alair

Success Story:  Steve & Alair After a difficult divorce, some friends suggested that Steve try OurTime.  Steve liked the idea of finding more mature people.  He tried other sites and they were not a good experience- with many women misrepresenting themselves.  Steve did not have that experience with OurTime.  Alair also loved the idea of finding more mature choices in a partner. Steve says, “She was looking for someone like me and I was looking for someone like her.”  They met in person for their first date on February 16, 2010.  Steve said when he saw her he knew she was the one.  He said, “OMG she’s the one!”  They both knew right away.  They have been together ever since.  Love is so much better for both of them now.  Steve says so many things are different and it’s more mature. “We never would have met if it wasn’t for your OurTime.”  

Do you have any online dating advice for others looking for success?
Steve:  Be honest in your profile. Be honest with who you are. Be honest with what you want to betray yourself as. Be honest with who and what you are looking for. Have some kind of a plan as to what you want to do with the rest of your life. Those that read your profile are looking to join there lives with yours. Show your willingness to meet half way so that the two of you can become one. Partners are not about just one person, they are about both of you, being one.

Alair: If you are single and like me did not know where to look for someone  online dating is the answer!!!!

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