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Success Story: Karen and George

Success Story:  Karen and George Karen & George 
Karen had given up on dating websites until she found "OurTime.”  She tried them all from the free ones to the most expensive.  And in every case she said the quality of people was just not good.  So she stopped.  One day, OurTime popped up on her screen and she took it as a sign.  She said, “I thought to myself, maybe it’s time.  It felt right.”  She signed up and the first person she saw was George.  They spent a little time getting to know each other online before meeting.  When they finally met it was instant chemistry.  When George saw Karen for the first time in August he said, “The minute I saw Karen I heard a voice say, here’s your gift.  She was my gift from God.”  He said they haven’t been apart since.  
Do you have any online dating advice for others looking for success?  
George:  Stay true to who you are.  Disregarding values that are dear to the heart;  Lowering the bar and expecting less so that you don’t feel alone;  Don’t’ do it.  Take your time and allow the relationship to develop as it was meant to be between two people.
Karen:  It is paramount to be honest in your presentation. Honesty sets the foundation for any future relationship, whatever that may turn out to be. Be sure to present your best self, honestly. George loves those 10 extra pounds I've been wanting to lose for years although it was a stumbling block for me. There is someone out there who will accept you for who you are. Keep an open mind to explore new friendships that you might not have considered before. You may be pleasantly surprised.  Never ever give up!! It's so worth it and it is what you are dreaming about, so be brave and GO FOR IT!!!

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