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The truth, and nothing but the truth… in online dating.

The truth, and nothing but the truth… in online dating.

By Dr. Gail Saltz, Relationship Expert for OurTime.com

I am often clearing up misconceptions about online dating.

For the 50+ population in particular, which tends to be the least familiar with this unique method of meeting someone, online dating is a great option that is continually received with a great amount of trepidation and apprehension. It’s all too easy to let a misconception about something hold you back, so I’d like to take some time to clear up the top five myths about online dating and give you the real deal.

Myth #1: “Most single people are much younger than me – it’s much harder to find people my age.”

Many singles over 50 think that available singles on online dating sites are significantly younger and therefore they won’t be able to find someone their own age - wrong! The 2010 U.S. census data found that of the 78 million baby boomers, 30 percent are single. On sites like OurTime.com where people are seeking likeminded and similarly-aged companions, there is a very large pool to choose from and certainly no shortage of options.

Myth #2: “I should wait to join a dating site until I’m ready to get married again.”

There is a tendency to think that you aren’t supposed to go to a dating site unless you are looking to get married – wrong! A recent OurTime.com survey found that over 50% of singles over 50 are less interested in marriage and more interested in companionship and a long term relationship.  In fact, many over-50 singles find that with children grown and their careers past the climbing stage, they are simply looking to have fun in a relationship and want someone to share the good times with.

Myth #3: “Online dating is risky.”

Your personal safety is extremely important, and there is a common misconception that online dating is more risky – wrong! Any dating requires you to take safety into account and that goes for online dating too. When dating anyone new, the important point to remember is that there are certain safety precautions you should always follow. For example, always meet your date in a public place for the first several dates, and make sure you bring yourself to and from the date. Watch your bag and drink at all times, and make sure you don’t drink enough to alter your judgment in any way while on your date. Always be sure to tell a friend or family member where you are going, and if something doesn’t feel right while on your date, listen to your gut and leave. Online dating is just as safe as any other method as long as you take simple precautions to protect yourself.

Myth #4: “Online dating is expensive and takes a lot of time and energy.”

Costly? Takes too much time? Wrong! Membership to OurTime.com can cost less than five dollars a week, which is cheaper than your average daily cup of coffee. One of the greatest benefits of online dating is that you control how much time you spend seeking matches, and are able to connect with people at whatever time is most convenient for you. You only save time and energy with the flexibility and control that comes with online dating.  

Myth #5: “People will judge me if they know I am dating online.”

I find that a lot of singles over 50 worry about being judged for going online to find someone. The truth is, one in five couples meet through an online dating sites nowadays. OurTime.com itself has grown over 400 percent during the last two years, with almost 10,000 people joining daily.

Hopefully now you can see the truth behind these pre-conceived myths and misconceptions. Don’t let them deter you any longer from finding that someone special to enjoy your life with! Hope to see you soon, at OurTime.com.

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