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Are you happier than when you were younger?

Are you happier than when you were younger?

Relationships may have something to do with it.

By Dr. Gail Saltz, Relationship Expert for OurTime.com

You may be surprised to know that you are not just getting older, you are getting better! Psychologically speaking, the majority of those 50+ are feeling happier, more confident and more optimistic about the future compared to when they were younger. 

OurTime.com recently did a survey with Harris Interactive that queried over 1,000 people aged 50 and above and the results are something to feel good about: 82% of respondents said they feel happier with life and are more confident in meeting new people, 79% felt more confident about what they want out of life and 72% are more optimistic about their future happiness. Particularly of note was that 85% of those over 50 agreed that companionship is even more important to them than earlier in their lives.

Romantic relationships are probably the most important source of happiness no matter what your age, but those 50-plus are in a place in life where it is likely to be front and center because children are often grown and career is often not in the building phase, and is therefore less intense. OurTime.com’s survey supported this by finding that 93% felt a romantic relationship was an important part of their overall happiness, and 89% felt fulfilled in life and were looking for someone to share in their happiness.  

What are people 50 and over looking for in romance? 83% prefer someone who is nice over someone who is sexy, 67% said that what used to matter, such as clothes and hairstyle, had taken a back seat to things like compatibility. And perhaps most importantly, 89% felt they had better taste now than when they were younger, and knew what kind of person would make them happy. 

So now that you know that age makes you more desirous of companionship, you have the time for it and you have a better ability to choose someone right for you, how do you find them? 90% of those surveyed agreed that it is difficult to find a partner when you are over 50. This is why I often recommend to patients to try a dating web site. Ourtime.com already has thousands of people that are 50 plus looking for the same things you are: companionship, fun, romance and most importantly, happiness. By going online in the privacy of your home you can search at your own pace, chat beforehand to sift out who might be a good match and have some contact before you even go on a first date. This increases the odds you will find someone right for you. Are you looking to add to your state of happiness and wellbeing by getting into a relationship? Check out OurTime.com to look for someone to spend these feel good years with.

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