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6 Must-Dos Before Heading out on a First Date

Author: OurTime

So much emphasis is placed on getting a first date that the prep work for the actual thing can fall through the cracks. You don’t want to fumble the ball on your first carry, folks! The following senior dating tips are guaranteed to start your night off on the right foot:

1. Get a haircut

Dear Fellas,
Ax that comb-over! Just do it! Cut the cord. Your four strands aren’t fooling anyone and you’d be a KAJILLION times hotter bald. (Bald is the new salt-and-pepper!) Also, while on the topic, nothing is a bigger turn-off than wiry hairs sprouting from ear and nose… Trim, trim, trim…
And Ladies!
It’s time to stop with the tight perm. Yes, it was cool in 1988 – but if your hairstyle remembers the Communists ruling Russia, you need an update – something simple and straight without too many jagged edges. When in doubt, ask your stylist. They get paid for a reason; they’re experts.

2. If you’re driving, clean out your car

No one wants to sit amidst empty Snickers wrappers and last week’s New York Times. This also goes for a residence – if you think there’s the SLIGHTEST chance of bringing your date home, you best pick up the dirty socks and orange peels. Nothing kills the mood like gross.

3. The smell test

If you were stuck in an elevator, would you pass out due to toxic cologne? Chanel never intended for you to bathe in No. 5. Word has it that alcohol is a helpful remover if you’re putting the fume in perfume. Do a quick smell test – if you think you may be wearing too much perfume, you can try to wash some of it off, or eHow recommends trying vinegar or olive oil on your skin.

4. Double-check make-up

This tip goes out to all ladies and glam rockers… Contrary to popular belief, the older you get, the less make-up you should wear. Cosmetics crack and crease in wrinkly skin. You don’t want to wind up looking like Bette Davis in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” do you?

Check yourself in the mirror before heading out for the big night.
Some tips:
  • Check your teeth for lipstick.
  • Make sure if you have raccoon eyes, they’re intentional.
  • Draw eyebrows – if you must – on evenly (or else you’ll look perpetually surprised). And please don’t use a color that clashes with your hair.

5. Get money


OK. You can use your debit card – BUT, make sure there’s money in your checking account! Nothing says “I’m the one for you” like CARD DECLINED. Also, you may want to have cash on hand in case your date goes off-the-rails and the cabbie doesn’t take plastic.


6. Buy new socks

You can tell a lot about a person by their socks – think Wicked Witch of the East! But really, new socks are just clean, comfortable and confidence-building.


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