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5 Ways to Tell if They're Interested

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Most of us are a little old to be playing the “they love me, they love me not” game. And “check yes or no” seems a tad too third grade – so how is a person supposed to know? Most dates aren’t going to tell you face-to-face they’re not interested, leaving you with various non-verbal clues that can be misinterpreted.

To head off potential mix-ups, the guide below provides five clues to help you take the temperature of your date.

1. They dress nicely

Are they well put-together and dressed appropriately, or do they look like they just rolled out of bed? While dress codes have loosened over the last few decades, how a date dresses still indicates a level of respect. If they’re not willing to put a modicum of effort into their appearance, they probably aren’t serious about pursuing a relationship.

2. They ask about you

We’ve all been stuck next to a relative at Thanksgiving who does nothing but talk about himself. Geez. Take a breath, man. Any date should be at least as interested in you as in themselves. How much they ask about you – your past, interests, job – is directly correlated to how attracted they are.

3. They maintain eye contact

You should be the focus of your date’s interest, not a hot body at the bar or some plasma TV. If their eyes are darting around like Nixon’s, seemingly coasting over everything but your face, they’re making it clear you don’t hold their interest.

4. They return calls and emails promptly

When you’re interested in someone romantically, you WANT to see them. You WANT to talk to them. If it feels like you’re constantly sitting around waiting for the phone to ring, they’re not the one for you. Find someone who appreciates you, not a person who leaves you wondering if the weekend plans are on.

5. They initiate dates

Does getting the person out on a date feel like pulling teeth? If so, it’s time to pull the plug. Going out with you should be a pleasure, not a favor.

Evaluating your chances at a second date is challenging, but not impossible. With the proliferation of the senior dating site, written communication can clear up a lot of misunderstandings. In the event it doesn’t, however, hopefully the tips above can give you a better idea.

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