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5 Great Artists to See on a Date

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The chief goal of a date is to have a fun experience that both you and your companion can enjoy. At this age, it’s also about rekindling some of the joyful times you had in your youth, and there’s no better way to do this than going to a concert.

While we should probably steer clear from the hip hop shows kids see these days, there are plenty of fantastic acts from back in the day that are still putting on concerts.  Here’s a list of 5 great artists still performing today that everyone can enjoy.

Elton John


Elton John still puts on one of the most captivating shows in the world.  While he may have aged a little since the 70s, his skills as a piano player are as bewildering as always, and he’s maintained that trademark tenor voice to boot.  Definitely a great concert to take a date to.

Song to remember: Honky Cat

Steely Dan


While you may not ever go back to your old school, you can still see Steely Dan performing live in concert.  The noted musical perfectionists are a large draw amongst the 50+ crowd, and put on excellent concerts that everyone still enjoys.

Song to remember: FM (No Static At All)

Stevie Wonder


Motown’s finest Stevie Wonder is still a sight to behold.  Get your groove back by seeing one of his dazzling live performances, which usually features a full band to accompany his piano wizardry.

Song to remember: Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours

Tom Petty


Despite being 61 years old, Tom Petty can still rock with the rest of them.  The Rock ‘N Roll hall of famer sells out venues across the country and puts on an energetic live show that can’t be missed.

Song to remember: Don’t Come Around Here No More

The Beach Boys


Music enthusiasts all over the world can rejoice- The Beach Boys are reuniting and going on a tour this summer.  It’s been years since front man (and musical genius) Brian Wilson has toured with the band, but this year he’s going to rejoin the legendary collective of crooners.  Perfect for a summer date.

Song to remember: Good Vibrations

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