2013 Love Forecast for

2013 Love Forecast for

Famed Astrologer Jennifer Angel’s Exclusive 2013 Love Forecast for

PLUS: Reveals Online Dating Behaviors of each Zodiac Sign

Wondering what new adventures 2013 will bring@ In celebration of the New Year, took a deep dive into the cosmic realm to help shed light on what’s in store for singles. As part of this, famed astrologist Jennifer Angel has shared her exclusive 2013 love forecast here on what the audience can expect in the dating-sphere this year.

In addition to Angel’s exclusive horoscopes, took its cosmic quest a step further and examined the online dating behaviors of each zodiac sign to see how they differ. Based on an analysis of its 2.5 million members’ interactions, the data revealed the sites flirtiest and shyest zodiac groups – giving new meaning to the age-old pick-up line “What’s your sign?”  

Check out’s Cosmic Dating Guide and Jennifer Angel’s Excusive 2013 Love Forecast below for exciting insights on all twelve zodiac signs and to see where your sign falls!

BY THE SIGN: ZODIAC RANKINGS - After examining its members online dating behaviors by zodiac sign,’s cosmic analysis revealed the following overall rankings:

  • TOP FIVE FLIRIEST SIGNS:  1. Virgo, 2. Leo, 3. Cancer, 4. Capricorn, 5. Scorpio
  • FIVE LEAST FLIRTATIOUS SIGNS:  1. Pisces, 2. Sagittarius, 3. Taurus, 4. Aries, 5. Gemini
  • MOST POPULAR - signs that get flirted with the most:  1. Libra, 2. Virgo, 3. Scorpio, 4. Leo, 5. Cancer
  • MOST OUTGOING - signs that send the most messages:  1. Virgo, 2. Libra, 3. Leo, 4. Cancer, 5. Scorpio

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

Angel’s 2013 Love Forecast: Business dealings give Capricorn a sense of purpose and this is a positive and progressive year for business, but it is also a year you can be lucky in love! Jupiter the planet of good fortune transits your solar seventh House of love and relationships and settles in for a 12 month stay. With your ruling planet Saturn in your zone of friendship, companionship and genuineness are high on your list of love needs. Transformational Pluto in your sign and unconventional Uranus in your family zone your traditional values and principles you grew up with, can be challenged. This year, anything is possible!

Online Dating Behavior: Holding true to their outgoing nature, Capricorn singles rank as’s #4 flirtiest sign.

  • Top 3 Signs Capricorn’s Like: 1. Virgo, 2. Libra, 3. Leo
  • Top 3 Signs Capricorn’s Like Least : 1. Aries, 2. Aquarius, 3. Gemini

AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)  

Angel’s 2013 Love Forecast: As an Aquarian, you have a way of attracting or repelling attention, and the older you get the more control you have over this power. With so much going on in your star chart this year, you need to continually work on achieving balance in your life, which means not neglecting the social and intimate areas of life. You are a highly intellectual person and good conversation with a deeper level of substance gets your attention, hence why you are not that interested in what could be considered a superficial flirt. If you put the energy into dating, it is possible this year to attract a suitable partner.

Online Dating Behavior:  The Age of Aquarius may be on the horizon, but people under this sign haven’t quite hit their stride, as they rank in the top five signs that receive the least amount of messages and flirts on

  • Top 3 Signs Aquarius’ Like: 1. Leo, 2. Libra, 3. Virgo
  • Top 3 Signs Aquarius’ Like Least: 1. Aries, 2. Taurus, 3. Pisces

PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

Angel’s 2013 Love Forecast: You are the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, which would explain why you are the most hesitant to flirt. As you grow older in years you become more secure emotionally and your self-confidence increases, but past experiences have taught you to be wary of being vulnerable to those you are yet to know and trust. With your ruling planet, intuitive Neptune, in your sign and serious Saturn having recently transited to your zone of higher learning, it is important to find someone you attune with spiritually.  This is a year of personal transformation, and to attract real love you need to show the real you. 

Online Dating Behavior:  Pisces on have proven shy and reserved, sending the least amount of flirts to other members on the site.

  • Top 3 Signs Pisces’ Like: 1. Virgo, 2. Libra, 3. Cancer
  • Top 3 Signs Pisces’ Like Least: 1. Aries, 2. Taurus, 3. Gemini

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Angel’s 2013 Love Forecast: Your life is about to change, Aries, and that includes your love life! In your younger years passion may have been on top of your love list and a passionate connection still gets your heart racing, but this year with expansive planet Jupiter about to move into your solar fourth House of home and family, it is more important to have a secure relationship with the support of good friends and family. You may be in the category that gets flirted with the least, Aries, and that’s okay because this year you want to attract quality relationships, not quantity.

Online Dating Behavior:  Aries might want to step up their game, as people under this sign get flirted with the least and receive the least amount of messages from other members.

  • Top 3 Signs Aries’ Like: 1. Leo, 2. Virgo, 3. Libra
  • Top 3 Signs Aries’ Like Least: 1. Aries, 2. Taurus, 3. Gemini

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Angel’s 2013 Love Forecast: It’s no wonder you are ranked as one of the signs who sends the least flirtatious vibes as a Venus ruled Taurus who looks for security, you don’t give your heart haphazardly. This is a year where you will learn from past love lessons and create the love life you have dreamt of. The self-development work you have embarked on over the years has taken you to a comfortable place of acceptance of who you are. As the door opens for you to meet people who are more in line with your values and interests in life, you can expect to part ways with those who no longer offer you sincerity or substance.

Online Dating Behavior: Taurus singles proved to be one of’s least outgoing signs, ranking in the top 3 zodiac group that send the least flirts and messages to other members. 

  • Top 3 Signs Taurus’ Like: 1. Virgo, 2. Cancer, 3. Libra
  • Top 3 Signs Taurus’ Like Least: 1. Aries, 2. Gemini, 3. Sagittarius

GEMINI (May 21 - June 21)

Angel’s 2013 Love Forecast: Ready or not, romance can sneak up on you this year! The stars tempt you to dare to dream, but with visionary Jupiter in your sign there’s also a warning of unrealistic expectations. Known as a mischievous star sign, there’s no surprise that you are quick to send flirtatious messages. As a dual sign, one of your twins is flirtatious and the other more mature twin has no desire to waste time socializing if a mutual connection is not forthcoming.  No longer are you prepared to do all the work in a partnership, and this year you can attract a relationship that has a healthy balance of give and take.

Online Dating Behavior: Gemini singles are more likely to send a quick “flirt” to other members over an email message, though overall, they rank as one of the least outgoing signs on the site.

  • Top 3 Signs Gemini’s Like: 1. Virgo, 2. Leo, 3. Libra
  • Top 3 Signs Gemini’s Like Least: 1. Taurus, 2. Aries, 3. Scorpio

CANCER (June 22 - July 22)

Angel’s 2013 Love Forecast: There are many new beginnings for you this year; your business affairs are under review and relationships reflect the profound changes that you as a person are embracing. As a mature person, the self assurance you have allows you to confidently express yourself and convey your needs comfortably. Rated as one of the most outgoing signs on the site, you know what you want and are not afraid to explore the possibilities. Love can test and challenge you this year, and it is this level of intensity that can build a strong connection between you and a partner.  

Online Dating Behavior: Cancer singles are among’s most outgoing group – and it’s working for them! They rank in the top five signs that send the most flirts to other members and receive the most flirts in return. They also tend to stick to themselves, with Cancers being most attracted to other Cancers.

  • Top 3 Signs Cancer’s Like: 1. Cancer, 2. Virgo, 3. Leo
  • Top 3 Signs Cancer’s Like Least: 1. Aries, 2. Sagittarius, 3. Aquarius

LEO (July 23 - August 22)

Angel’s 2013 Love Forecast: With the Leo zodiac gene of confidence and leadership well ingrained in your personality, you possess a natural attribute of taking command, which ranks you as one of the most flirtatious signs. However, once the fun of flirtation subsides Saturn the planet of stability in your family zone for a two-year period heightens your sense of responsibility with relationships, as well as with the family unit. Fame, flash and fortune used to be the ingredients that attracted love to your arm, but as your values and beliefs have changed over the years these have been replaced with more heartfelt values.

Online Dating Behavior: The boldface lion comes out in Leos, as they rank among’s top three flirtiest and outgoing signs.

  • Top 3 Signs Leo’s Like: 1. Cancer, 2. Virgo, 3. Leo
  • Top 3 Signs Leo’s Like Least: 1. Aries & Taurus tied, 2. Scorpio

VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Angel’s 2013 Love Forecast: Ruled by communication planet Mercury, and known as the sign of excellence, it is no wonder Virgo are rated as the boldest group. You possess a high level of curiosity, and nothing is more alluring to a dating partner than someone who asks questions. As the years pass, personality traits that once used to irritate you can now intrigue you.  This year at times you will feel as if fate has taken over and you will be confronted to be honest not only with others, but with yourself. Joint finances are also under the microscope and only those who pass the test of sincerity will have an open door to your life.

Online Dating Behavior: Virgos are by far’s boldest and flirtiest group – with these 50+ singles sending the most messages and flirts to their prospective partners. They also hold claim to being one of the most desired signs on the site with seven signs picking them as a top choice most frequently in their daily matches.   

  • Top 3 Signs Virgo’s Like: 1. Virgo, 2. Leo, 3. Cancer
  • Top 3 Signs Virgo’s Like Least: 1. Aries, 2. Sagittarius, 3. Taurus

LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Angel’s 2013 Love Forecast: Ruled by love planet Venus, Libra is all about romance and beauty and you have a certain softness, which makes you extremely loveable and flirtable! Business matters get a boost this year, which also enhances your self-esteem and sense of self-worth. Love and money are both necessary in the world, and as a mature Libra no doubt you have come to understand the value of each in your life. The family connection is strong, but you will stand up and make your own choices in love and life, even if it means going against what others think. This is a year to discard old baggage and start afresh.

Online Dating Behavior:’s analysis showed there is a lot of love for single Libras online – ranking as the #1 sign other members flirt with on the site.

  • Top 3 Signs Libra’s Like: 1. Libra, 2. Virgo, 3. Leo
  • Top 3 Signs Libra’s Like Least: 1. Taurus, 2. Aries, 3. Scorpio

SCOPRIO (October 23 - November 21)

Angel’s 2013 Love Forecast: The energy of cautious and authentic Saturn in your sign for a two-year period will force you to take a good look at the choices you made and provide an opportunity to change, alter or discard anything that no longer fits within your current value system. As with the rest of your life, with love, you are encouraged to follow your heart. You are a passionate and tenacious sign who is not afraid to put yourself out there, but when it comes to getting serious about love, you will make a careful choice based on chemistry and dependability when inviting someone to share this next stage of your life.

Online Dating Behavior: Perhaps it’s their passionate nature, as’s analysis revealed Scorpios aren’t shy when it comes to signaling interest and rank as the sites top five flirtiest signs. 

  • Top 3 Signs Scorpio’s Like: 1. Virgo, 2. Leo, 3. Libra
  • Top 3 Signs Scorpio’s Like Least: 1. Aries, 2. Aquarius, 3. Gemini

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

Angel’s 2013 Love Forecast: When you take into consideration that you have more things to do than hours to do them in, it is understandable that your rating is among the least likely to flirt.  When you are a Sagittarian, life is short, and now that you are older and wiser you don’t want to waste as minute reaching out to anyone you feel will not fit into the category of close connections. With your ruling planet Jupiter and planet of substance Saturn both having a powerful influence on your life, there is a potential for permanent love to enter your life, but it is up to you to make room in your home and your heart for love to take place.

Online Dating Behavior:  While people under the Sagittarius sign are typically known for being outgoing, they ranked #2 as members who send the least amount of messages and flirts to other singles.

  • Top 3 Signs Sagittarius’ Like: 1. Virgo, 2. Leo, 3. Libra
  • Top 3 Signs Sagittarius’ Like Least: 1. Aries, 2. Taurus, 3 Aquarius

About Jennifer Angel

Jennifer Angel is the resident astrologer, relationship specialist, and metaphysical writer for New York Daily News and Star magazine. She is also a columnist, radio and TV presenter, published author and guest reporter for web sites such as Restoration of Spirit and Psychic Guild. Specializing in astrology, relationships and metaphysical topics, Jennifer has 30 years of experience in the field, studying under renowned teachers of philosophy and earning numerous certificates in communication, counseling and workplace training and development.

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