A Guide To Getting Started On OurTime

Welcome to this unique guide, created just for 50+ singles like you! Whether you're newly single, in the middle of your dating journey, or just learning about the dating world for the first time, we here at OurTime are excited to help you Get Back Out There.

In order to better help you get the most out of your dating adventure, we've created this handy online guide, loaded with information and advice. We've gathered the most useful and noteworthy tips in one place to help you get started and Get Back Out There.

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A few reminders to help make sure you’re in the right frame of mind with an open heart.

Profile Pic

A how-to on getting your picture uploaded to OurTime so other members can see you.

Write About Yourself

Sometimes writing about yourself can be tricky. Let us help.

OurTime Overview

We’ll break down the most important things to know whether you’re using OurTime on your mobile device or home computer.

Date Ideas

Once you start connecting through OurTime, you might need some ideas for how and where to meet offline.

Dating Smart

Meeting new people is more fun when you know how to be careful and smart.


Read about others, like you, who have found connections on OurTime.

Visit OurTime

Go explore the OurTime website and start meeting people.


To make the most of this guide, we recommend you visit all of the chapters.

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Keeping your heart open and mind clear

We here at OurTime want you to keep a few things top of mind as you embark on this journey. Because it is a journey - one where you will learn things, grow as a person, and cross paths with people you might have never met in your daily life. This is a truly exciting time where anything can happen! Here are some things to remember as you get started:

You're Not The Only One "Getting Back Out There"

While you might be new to dating, tons of people over 50 are navigating the modern dating world for the first time. So take comfort in knowing that you're far from alone.

In fact, your particular group is the largest growing singleton population! With so many singles Getting Back Out There, you have the opportunity to meet people who could make your life even better than it already is.

Embrace help from others

Your friends and family can be a great source of encouragement and help. There's nothing wrong with getting someone to take your profile picture, help you check out all your matches, or ask them for some great date ideas.

Your experience is an advantage

The best part of where you are right now is how much life experience you have. This is a real advantage when it comes to meeting new people. Conversation is key to dating and you have lots to talk about. Think of it this way — everything you’ve ever done and everything you want to do can become the basis for connecting with someone.


Profile Pic

A how-to on uploading your profile picture

What is a name without a face? One of the most important steps in Getting Back Out There is making sure you have a main profile picture.

Step 1: Take

If you don't already have a picture of yourself you want to upload to your profile, simply take a new one! Enlist a trusted friend or relative to help capture a picture of yourself you like.

Step 2: Choose

Whether you're going through pictures you already have or taking new ones, be sure the picture you decide on makes you feel good, represents you well, and isn't more than a year old.

Step 3: Upload

Now the fun part! To upload your chosen picture, simply follow these steps.



My Account

Upload a File

Choose File

Select the picture you want to upload

Hit Open

And the last, most important step - clicking UPLOAD in the lower right corner of your screen

You can also pull pictures already posted on your Facebook to use on your OurTime profile

Once you've uploaded your main picture, you have the choice to add more photos or keep it to just the one. It's completely up to you, but the better you represent yourself with more pictures, the more the real you will shine through.

If you're still unsure of how to upload your picture after reading our instructions, grab a friend or relative to help you navigate picture uploading.

Step 1: Take

If you don't already have a picture of yourself you want to upload to your profile, simply take a new one! Enlist a trusted friend or relative to help capture a picture of yourself you like.

Step 2: Choose

Whether you're going through pictures you already have or taking new ones, be sure the picture you decide on makes you feel good, represents you well, and isn't more than a year old.

Step 3: Upload

As you set up your profile on the app, you will be asked to upload your picture. However, if you miss or skip this part, simply follow these steps.


Tap on the three stacked lines in the upper left hand corner.

Select "Upload Photo" from the side menu.

Tap the camera icon in the upper right hand corner

You'll Be given the options of:
- Choose a picutre from camera
-Import from Facebook
-Use your camera to take a photo

You'll see your picture as small square

Tap on the photo

In the lower right hand corner you'll see a settings icon

Tap this icon

You'll be asked if you'd like to make this your primary photo or if you'd like to add a caption. You can also delete the photo and start over.

The picture may have the term "pending" as we review every picture to make sure they actually show the faces and lives of our members. Once the review process is complete, you'll see your photo on your profile!

You're now ready to be seen and start making connections!

Write About Yourself

Writing about yourself can be tricky — let us help

Answering the questions on the profile page is the best way to let people know a little bit about you. It tells them what you might be looking for. And it shows who you are and what you care about. Here are a few questions to get you thinking about how you want to describe yourself.


What are some things you've
been meaning to do?

Telling people about things you'd like to try and do not only highlights your interests and sense of adventure, it immediately gives people something to ask you about. For example, if you've wanted to explore wine country, change something in your house or start learning a new hobby, write about it. These are the nuggets that help facilitate conversation.

For example: "In the near future, I'd like to explore wine country. In the meantime, I am trying to learn Spanish and I'd love to repaint my kitchen."



What's something you like to
talk about and why?

Think about the topics that seem to draw out the most passion in you and think about why you enjoy talking about them so much. What is it about sports, traveling, decorating, or cooking that connects with you? Explaining the "why" gives people a sneak peek into your life and journey and, most importantly, a direct line to the topics that get you talking.

For example: "I love cooking because it allows me to explore other cultures and challenge myself to try new flavors."



What's one quality you find
very attractive?

Rather than listing out your requirements, dig a little deeper and think about what characteristics and traits you find attractive and can't live without. Maybe it's something practical like a talent or hobby, or something visual like a great smile, or perhaps it's more character-driven like the ability to disagree graciously. This is your chance to really share the traits in other people that resonate with you and keep you interested.

For example: "I really like people who find the positive in life without ignoring the negative. I think it's great when someone likes to discuss the meaning of a movie."

OurTime Overview

The most important things to know when using OurTime

After you’ve uploaded your picture and written your profile, it’s time to start navigating around the site. Below, we’ve outlined a few actions and features we consider the most important.

Who Do You Like?

You'll see this feature near the top of your home page. Simply hover over the picture and click to signify whether or not you like this person based on their picture.

Basic Search

After you hit search on the main navigation, you'll see a blue arrow next to the search box. If you click this, you'll gain access to a variety of ways to search.


Sending a Message

Once you find someone you want to message, you'll see a big envelope with the text "Send Message." Click on this, and you'll be able to type a message directly to them.


Your Inbox

Your inbox holds your messages and conversation in one convenient place. The first tab shows all the messages people have sent to you. Click on the "Sent" tab, and you'll see all the ways you've reached out to or shown interest in others.


OurTime is available for both iPhone and android. Download the iPhone app here or the Android app store here.

OurTime is easy to use on your phone but it may look very different from how it appears on your computer. Again, here are a few of the most important actions and features we want to you to know about:

Getting around
the OurTime App:

Main Navigation:

In the upper left hand corner you will see three lines stacked on top of each other. Once you press on it, you'll see the entire menu of options for things you can do on OurTime.

Bottom Navigation:

On the bottom of the screen you'll see four icons.

Messages: This section contains messages that other members have sent you.

Views: so you can see who can see who has viewed your profile

Flirts: A flirt is another way for members to grab your attention and express interest. See who has sent you flirts here

Favorites: You can save favorite members you are interested in by tapping the blue button. All your favorites are stored here so you can easily see them in one place.

"Are You Interested":

This is the focus of the OurTime app. You'll see a picture of an OurTime member along with their username and age. You can either press the green checkbox (yes) or the red "X" (no) to signify your preference.

Whether you decide to use OurTime on your computer, your phone or both, you're sure to connect with many 50+ Singles.


Date Ideas

How and where to meet offline

Probably the most exciting and rewarding part of Getting Back Out There is actually meeting people in person. Once you've connected with a few potential members, you might find yourself going out on a date. Going on dates is equal parts exhilarating and nerve-racking and, in today's world, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to planning a first date.

Some safe bets for first dates are:

Meeting for a
cup of coffee

Grabbing a glass
of wine or a cocktail

Make a
dinner reservation

If you’re looking for a more out-of-the-box date, consider asking your prospective date the following questions to gain insight on what they like to do:

  • What does a typical weekend look like for you?
  • What is your idea of a perfect Saturday?
  • Is there a movie you've been wanting to see?
  • What new restaurant have you had your eye on?
  • Is there something you've been meaning to see or do?

Please make sure to review our "Dating Smart" chapter for important tips before you meet someone.

Dating Smart

Meeting new people is more fun when you know how to be careful and smart

Connecting with so many new people is exciting. However, this comes with a responsibility to yourself to be smart about what information you share. The full OurTime site has detailed guidance on a variety of topics around this subject, but here are few highlighted tips we want you to know:

Don't ever send money to someone you meet online. That means no wire transfers and no sharing credit card or bank info.

Don't share personal information like phone numbers, your social security number, work or home address

When you meet up, always meet somewhere public

Also, tell at least one friend or family member where you're going

For more tips on topics like long distance meeting, meeting offline, keeping your information safe, and when to disclose information, visit OurTime's main safety page.


Read OurTime success stories

One of the best ways to stay motivated and excited about your own journey is to hear from people who were once in your position. This section is just a small sample of the many people we hear from that have found connections and relationships through OurTime.


I don't know if my story is unique or not, but I joined OurTime just about two months ago. I have met the man of my dreams!!! I was skeptical about using an online dating site, at first, but I thought, why not?

- Lisa, 58

It finally paid off... I have been on dating sites for 12 years on and off but I never gave up. I met the most amazing lovable kind, gentle man that any woman would love to have. We had passed over each other so many times but he eventually stopped by to let me know he liked my photo and need I say more. That's why it always pay to stop and smell the roses. Thanks OurTime for being here...

- Deborah, 63

I went on this site to meet someone I can talk to about anything, share my life, and love with. I am very happy to say that I have met her here. We are in the early stages of our relationship, and I am devoting all my time and energy to furthering this.

- Dennis, 59