Fitness Centers: The Hottest Club for Single Seniors

Fitness centers and gyms tout memberships as an important part of a healthy and active lifestyle. What isn't advertised is that fitness centers are an optimum spot to meet and mix with other active seniors. Being a gym regular means you'll look and feel better, position yourself to meet new singles, and buddy up with some in-shape bods. It's a win-win-win!

Exercise raises the level of endorphins in your body--the hormones that give you that happy, energized feeling when you get your body moving. With all these hormones and good vibes floating around, it's no wonder the gym has remained an undercover hot spot for singles. Now that you're in on the secret, here are a few ways to make your workout work for your love life:

1. Think outside the gym
Gyms and traditional fitness centers are always great for working out, but aren't always geared towards older adults. To really use fitness to boost your social life, think outside the gym. Venues for exercising your body and flirtation skills are everywhere, and many have classes and programs designed just for seniors. Check out fitness programs held at community centers, parks and recreation departments, universities, schools and places of worship. Some of these programs are free for community or affiliated members. Also check your health insurance plan: many offer fitness program incentives or free memberships as a benefit.

2. Hire help
Many gyms and fitness centers have personal trainers and counselors available to advise members on how to maximize their workouts and provide helpful tips to keep fitness routines exciting and challenging. Consider hiring one of these helpers to inject new energy into your workouts and your love life. Trainers often have established relationships with many other members and may know of other seniors looking for a workout partner and can make an easy introduction. Build a relationship with these insiders and they could double as your fitness gurus and match-makers.

3. Watch what you wear
The years when sporting tiny tank tops and short-shorts as appropriate gym attire may be in the past, but work out wear can still be used to attract the attention of other singles. Consider wearing apparel from your alma mater, or your children's schools, or from a vacation destination you've visited. These easy signs give your fellow fitness enthusiasts clues about your background and interests and are easy ice-breakers and conversation starters. See someone in gear you recognize? Start up a nearby treadmill and start up a conversation!

4. Share a snack
Snacking and working out seem to be at odds, particularly in a fitness center or gym. But another secret of fitness centers is that many provide coffee, tea and healthy snacks in a lounge for members to enjoy post-workout. Become a regular in the lounge, particularly in the daytime during the week when other single seniors are more likely to be socializing. Volunteer to organize a regular weekly gathering for fellow members--take turns bringing in fruit, vegetables, or low-fat muffins and discuss which fitness classes are best to join. Social prospects are often the best motivators to get you off the couch and into the gym.

Now you're in the know: fitness centers are bustling with energy, good feelings and plenty of opportunities to meet new single friends. Grab your sneakers and a smile and go!

By Fay Sigler of SingleEdition.com for OurTime.com


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